★Room  vacancy and reservation form

Thank you for planning to stay at Guesthouse Chaconne Karuizawa.

There are 2 ways to make a reservation. Please choose either way to make a reservation. 

Making a call to +8190-8514-8986 is also available.(English is OK)

1. Online Reservation is HERE

★NOTE:Even if there are no vacancies for your desired dates of stay in the above online reservation, you may still be able to make a reservation. Please use the following method to apply for a reservation.

2. Request form reservation

1.   Please  check a vacancy by calender shown below.   

If your request date says "○空室あり" ,that means the room is vacant.The price shown below is a price for 1 person. (tax excluded)  If your request date shows "×満室" ,it is already full.


2.  Enter a form to make a request. Please call us by phone in a urgent case. +81-90-8514-8986

3.  We will reply back via email to  confirm.

※If there is no reply within 24 hours,there might be a system trouble,so please call us by phone.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.



※Breakfast buffet service is an option:+¥690/1 person

※Cancellation regulation is here.

 Number of guests

Total room rates

(Breakfast option¥690/1 person per day)

Calendar price in purple (+tax 10%)
2people(1room) Calendar price in green ×2 (+tax 10%)
3people(1room) Calendar price in green ×3×5%OFF (+tax 10%)
4people(1room) Calendar price in green ×4×5%OFF (+tax 10%)
4people(2rooms) Calendar price in green ×4 (+tax 10%)
5-17 people  Calendar price in green × total number(+tax 10%)
4years oldー12 years old

Calendar show rates ×50%OFF (+tax 10%)

 *please ask for 1-3 years old

more than 7 days discount ¥500 yen discount/1 person /1day