★Room  vacancy and reservation form

Thank you for planning to stay at Guesthouse Chaconne Karuizawa.

There are 2 ways to make a reservation.

1. Online Reservation is HERE

2. Request form reservation

1.   Please  check a vacancy by calender shown below.   

If your request date says "○空室あり" ,that means the room is vacant.The price shown below is a price for 1 person. (tax excluded)  If your request date shows "×満室" ,it is already full.


2.  Enter a form to make a request. Please call us by phone in a urgent case. +81-90-8514-8986

3.  We will reply back via email to  confirm.

※If there is no reply within 24 hours,there might be a system trouble,so please call us by phone.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.



※Breakfast buffet service is an option:+¥670/1 person

※Cancellation regulation is here.

 Number of guests

Total room rates

(Breakfast option¥670/1 person per day)

Calendar price in purple (+tax 10%)
2people(1room) Calendar price in green ×2 (+tax 10%)
3people(1room) Calendar price in green ×3×5%OFF (+tax 10%)
4people(1room) Calendar price in green ×4×5%OFF (+tax 10%)
4people(2rooms) Calendar price in green ×4 (+tax 8%)
5-17 people  Calendar price in green × total number(+tax 10%)
4years oldー12 years old

Calendar show rates ×50%OFF (+tax 10%)

 *please ask for 1-3 years old

more than 7 days discount ¥500 yen discount/1 person /1day

★Reservation via Airbnb

You may make a online reservation by Airbnb website,but there might be days which Airbnb does not  accept your request date. Please contact us directly by filling forms above so that we can try to fulfill your request. Thank you.