There are 7 guest rooms at Guesthouse Chaconne Karuizawa.  These rooms inside is not shared. There are 3 bathrooms and 2 shower rooms in the building and  it is a shared facility.

This is a twin room with 2 100cm wide single beds.

This is a single or twin room with 2 100cm wide single beds.

This is a room for 4 people good for groups and family use.

This is a trio room for 3 people good for groups and family use.

★Bath and shower

Theare are 2 bathrooms with shower and bathtub. This is a bathroom at the 1st floor.Bath tub has a bubble jet bath.Dressing room has a wide space with wash room and a dryer.

Hoshino onsen is a hot spring which is located  15 minutes ride by car and we have a discout ticket to get there.

This bathroom is at the 2nd floor built in 2017 and also has a bubble jet function.


★Dining room

There is a morning buffet service from 7am to 8:30am. This dining room is open from 3pm to 11pm for those who want to have fun chatting, watching TV or movies, and playing games,etc.

We have a mini shop. (Coke,local beer,cup ramen etc.)

★Free space

There are board games and books which you can play and read. Enjoy having time with your friends and family.

★SERVICE we can provide you

★ If you say a guesthouse, you may think that it is a shared room with other guests, but each room is a private. Each of the Western-style rooms has two wide single beds. You can take a rest slowly. In addition, two of the seven rooms can be used by three triples. In that case, an extra bed will be added. There are two quadruple rooms with bunk beds, so you can stay when you come with groups.


There are no toilets and bathrooms in each room, but there are 2 bathrooms (reservation required at time check-in) and 3 toilets. The toilet is right next to the room. 


・ Simple guest rooms with warm wood and large windows

The bed is a duvet twin (wide size width (100 cm) ☓ 2) triple, quartet rooms are also available


・ Air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, dresser, electric fan


♠ Bathroom


A jet bath you can relax. The dressing room is spacious and you can prepare yourself comfortably. In addition, if you like hot springs, we will give you an introduction to nearby hot springs and a discount voucher.


♠ Breakfast buffet


Breakfast is served in a bright sun-dining dining room. The hotel is a B & B style with breakfast. There are many restaurants in the vicinity. We can provide you a nice place to eat for lunch or dinner.

Breakfast service is available from 7:00 to 8:30. It is a buffet style. We prepare freshly baked bread, fresh salad of local vegetables, handmade soup, organic cereal, yogurt, milk, coffee, tea and fruit juice from Nagano Prefecture. Please enjoy!


♠ Amenity


We have a complete set of amenities so that those who are staying on business trips is convenient.


・ Amenity for bath towel and toothbrush will be given by one person per person. Shampoo, body soap and cotton swabs are in the bathroom.


・ Bath towels can be rented (¥ 300 /each). “Pajamas top and bottom set” can be rented (450 yen /set).


・ We also offer razors, shaving foam, and hair brushes.


♠ Free space on the 2nd floor

You can read a book, play games or relax.

Please enjoy with your family, couple and friends.


About Tobacco

Each room is non-smoking. There is a smoking area outside. 


♠ Rental cycle is 500 yen a day. (If you borrow at another specialty store, it will cost over 1000 yen)

It is popular to cycle around Karuizawa village. There are not so many hills and you can enjoy just by feeling a cool air. Please ask us for where to visit around the village.