★Welcome to Guesthouse Chaconne Karuizawa!!

JR Karuizawa Station 15 minutes on foot! ✨✨ Outlet is 3 minutes on foot. The hotel has 2-100cm beds in a woodenstyle room and you can relax during your stay. The  guesthouse is a quiet inn surrounded by forests, with a convenient location to go anywhere within walking distance south of Karuizawa Station. The birds wake up and greet you in the morning. There are many recommended dining and cafes within walking distance of the hotel. Surrounded by plenty of green and natural light, take a walk, ski, skate, cycling, cafe, gourmet, retro architecture, Shinshu specialty shopping, coffee shop tour, museum tour, shopping, Oga Hall concert, golf, tennis, etc. 

Please spend a free time away from the busy daily life. Anyone can use this hotel. Lady's trips, couples, couples, families with children, solo trips and business trips. Free high-speed wireless LAN for staying guests! More than 15  rental bicycles are available for 500 yen a day♪

★ 3 Characteristic service of Chaconne

1. B & B style which you can feel free to stay over. You can easily visit Karuizawa's sightseeing spots from a convenient location. You can travel in your own style. You can feel as if you are at your own villa.


2. Breakfast is a continental buffet style with plenty of vegetables from Shinshu, special soups, special breads, and local coffee with aromas. You can have it at your favorite time between 7: 00-8: 30. Breakfast + ¥ 660 (tax included)


3 The owner is a classical music lover who plays piano, harpsichord and the violin. This is an inn where you can listen to classical live music upon request.